Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanks, Dr. Crooms!

Hey there!

It has been 10 days since my surgery, and I'm feeling great! :)

It wasn't fun at first, of course, but I made it through. It took me until Friday to be able to pull my pants up above my belly since the main incision was right at the bottom of my belly button and because I was so bloated from all the air they puffed into me during the surgery. I wore pajama pants every day from Monday until Friday, when we went to The Smok'n Pig in Valdosta to meet my mom's side of the family for a mid-afternoon meal. I wore a new jean skirt I bought recently, that was loose enough on me to not put too much pressure on my belly, and dressed myself up in jewelry (being the faithful Premier Designs jewelry lady that I am! :)) and some cute shoes, and I was ready to go! I had been feeling pretty crummy all week, so it was nice to get "all dressed up" (aka--not wearing pajamas!)!! :)

My sweetie and I at the Smok'n Pig

Glenn and I came back on Saturday, so that we would have a day to rest before going back to work and school. Boy am I thankful that I had my surgery in Tallahassee!! I don't know how I would have made it through the process since both Glenn and I live on the second floor in our buildings. I especially wouldn't have made it without my mama...she took such good care of me!! I'm so thankful to her, my dad, and Glenn for all they did for me last week while I was recovering! And I'm very thankful to Dr. Crooms for taking out my gallbladder, so I don't have to deal with anymore pain in my chest! Thanks, Dr. Crooms! :)

While I was at my parents', our free Christmas cards from Shutterfly came in! I have never ordered photo cards before this, but I am very impressed with them!! They turned out so great!

Check out the card:

I love it!! Thank you, Shutterfly!

Happy December, everyone! :) I just love this time of year. I hated that I was so out of commission on Thanksgiving day because that's the day that I usually help Dad get out all the Christmas decorations, put up the outside lights, and then we all put out all the rest of the decorations together, including the Christmas tree! I was told to sit on the couch, watching and directing. No fun!! :( It looks great in Mom and Dad's house, of course, but I am just sad I had to miss out on actually participating in the family tradition this year. I have enjoyed breaking out the Christmas music (the cds I could find, at least!) and watching some Christmas movies though!

Well, that's about it from me for now! Be back soon! :)

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