Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Greetings, thanks to Shutterfly!!

Happy Monday!

Thanks to some great fellow bloggers, I found out about Shutterfly's blogger promotion on holiday cards!

Shutterfly is so generous this holiday season because they're giving away 50 free holiday cards just for blogging about their promotion! A friend mentioned in her blog post that she and her husband sent out Christmas cards before they were even married and got made fun of for it. Well, I guess we'll see if that happens to me this year! I'm going to get my parents to take some pictures of Glenn and I while we're at their house for Thanksgiving, so that we can have some good ones to put on a holiday card! If it's possible to split up the 50 free cards into more than one design, I'll have some printed with pictures of the whole family on them. I have only been asked to share my favorite three card designs with you, but they were all so wonderful that I couldn't choose just three!! So here are my favorites:

The first set are ones I would use for a picture of Glenn and I.

I like this one because the design and colors on the side are super cute!

I like this one because I think the snowflakes are really cute, and the space for the picture is landscape.

I think the confetti flowers are so cute on this one!

This one would be cute to use for a black and white photo!

I really like this one because of all of the colors and the large photo space!

And this one I like because of all of the colored snowflakes!

The next ones are ones I would use for pictures of the whole family:

I like this one because of the cute candy cane letters on top!

And I like this one because we can put multiple pictures on it, and it would have our last name initial on it:

If YOU would like to receive 50 free holiday cards, go HERE!!

I'm so excited about this, and can't wait to see how mine turn out! :)

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