Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's My Friday!

Happy Friday (TO ME!) :)

I'm flying the coop for the weekend, headed to Athens, GA! My sweet friend, Courtney, just had a baby a little over a month ago, so I'm going to meet Miss Summer. :) While I'm there, I'll get to visit with some really sweet people I love and miss so much!! For those of you who don't know, during undergrad (summer 2006 and summer 2007), I interned for the Campus View church there. During my time there, I got to meet and get to know so many wonderful people. CV is chock-full of kindhearted and Christ-like people, and I was so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by them. I usually can't stay away for too long because I miss them all so much. It's been over a year though since I've been for a visit, so it's high time!!

Speaking of babies, they are popping out all over the place! Sooo many of my friends and acquaintances are pregnant or have just had babies! There really must be something in the water...seriously!! One of my sweet college roommates and her husband just had a little girl about a month and a half or so ago. Her name is Kensleigh, and she is just wayyyy too adorable. I had the pleasure of meeting her about 3 weeks ago. Here's little Miss Kensleigh:

Here's one of the two of us:

And here's her sweet mommy and me:

I realized just now that I have forgotten to talk about the Benefit Dinner. On Thursday evening, October 7th, Sarah Palin graced Montgomery with her presence at Faulkner's Benefit Dinner. The Benefit Dinner is the major fundraising event for the university each year. Each year, the university invites a headliner speaker to speak at the dinner. Typically, the speaker will be a fairly well-known person, but none have been as well known as Sarah Palin. I had never had the opportunity to go to the dinner because the tickets are so pricy, but I lucked out this year and was able to go and take my sweet man with me. It was so much fun to get all dressed up and go to such a nice event! The dinner was great, and the speaker was fantastic! I'm so glad I was there! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of my date and I while at the dinner, so we took one once we got home (not the best pic either, but it will have to do):

This past Monday was my love's birthday. I frequently try to surprise him with things, but it's so very difficult! He ends up asking me too many questions or simply sharing his thoughts with me, and when he does, I can't keep a straight face and end up giving it away. I was bound and determined to pull one over on him for his birthday, so I contacted two sets of our couple friends, Anna and Daniel and James and Kelly. I asked them about 2 weeks ago if they could meet us for dinner on Monday night to celebrate his birthday and made sure to tell them that it would be a surprise.

I knew I wouldn't be able to keep the dinner itself a surprise, so I told him I wanted to take him to Mikata (Japanese steakhouse, like Shogun) on his birthday to celebrate. His favorite is Thai food, but his favorite Thai restaurant is in Houston. Mikata is his next best favorite. I did so well about not saying anything about the actual surprise part of the dinner - the fact that four of our good friends would be there to celebrate with us. (Though apparently Kelly almost gave it away on accident the other day! :)) When we got to the restaurant, everyone was waiting for us. Glenn saw Anna and Daniel in one of the rooms, right after we walked in, but James and Kelly weren't visable. We walked into the room, and he said, "Hey guys!" That was about all the reaction the surprise got. It was actually kinda funny. :)

Well let me tell you how my sweet man was treated! Daniel presented Glenn with a gift, a video game. Anna brought out a yummy cookie cake for him! Our waitress and another waitress sang him the Japanese birthday song, brought him a pineapple boat, and took our picture. THEN, they brought a printed copy of that picture out to him with a $20 gift card. And as if that wasn't enough, James and Kelly took care of our check!! I have to tell you, I don't know of sweeter friends! We are so blessed!!! Thank you so much, James, Kelly, Daniel, and Anna for making Monday so special not just for the birthday boy, but for me as well. You are the picture of true friendship!

Happy weekend, everyone! :)

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