Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Love

So after being inspired by a fellow blogger's post today, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and post about how I met my boyfriend, Glenn.

After giving up on finding someone in Montgomery, I gave in and forked over the money to sign up on eHarmony. I wasn't expecting much, though I was hoping for much!! :) I was on there about a month or two and had had a little bit of conversation with a few people, but I hadn't gone through all of the stages of communication with anyone. I finally got through all of the stages with one guy, we talked on the phone once, and he fell off the face of the earth. I was frustrated, but I didn't give up!

Not long after this, Glenn came up as one of my matches, so I checked out his profile. His profile was intriguing, so I sent him the first set of questions. We went through all of the stages pretty quickly because we both happen to be on the computer a lot. We got to the open communication stage (where you can email back and forth freely on the eHarmony page) right around the time that I was going down to Miami with my family for a wedding. It was a whirlwind trip with tons of driving (riding actually, at least for me). I hated the driving part because I couldn't check my email to see if I had a new email...from him! :) We stopped and ate lunch somewhere on the way down at Buffalo Wild Wings, and thanks to the free wi-fi and my iPod touch (this was pre-Blackberry), I was able to read an email he had written me and respond before we got back on the road.

The emailing was constant throughout the whole weekend. And in one email while I was on the way back with my family, he asked me if I would like to meet. We decided to meet the next weekend. He was going to drive down from Opelika and take me out to eat and take me to a movie. Our first date was great, but I was a little apprehensive about him because I felt like I was doing all of the talking, and all he was doing was just listening. For those of you who know me, you know I do love to talk. But not ALL the time!! :) So this worried me a little bit. But I stuck it out and was patient, and it paid off in the end. (He talks plenty to me now. :))

I guess, as the cliche goes, the rest is history! We've been dating now for a year, 5 months, a week, and 3 days, according to the ticker here on my blog. :) He's just the most wonderful, thoughtful, considerate, selfless man I know!!! I am just sooo blessed!!! :)

Love you, sweetheart!!! :)